Sutiaji So SAE!

MALANG CITY – Most of people in Malang still wonder about who’s gonna get the throne? KPU will announce it on the 4th– 6th of July. But, the quick count has said something; 43. 37% for SAE, 37. 28% for ASIK, and 19. 35% for MENAWAN. The sample was taken from 100 TPS, with 2. 29% margin of error.

“The gap (Sae – Asik ) is 6. 09%. And there is a big chance for SAE to win the manual count,” Nasrun Annahar said as a Director of Avemedia Research.

Kedungkandang, Blimbing, Klojen, and Sukun, SAE got them in their hands. DPC PDIP also did quick count with 11, 321 samples; they got 43. 41% for SAE, 36.88% for ASIK, 19. 71% for MENAWAN. Meanwhile,ASIK still hasn’t finished their quick count yet. So, there is no information to publish yet.

Ahmad Wanedi as a candidate of Vice Mayor took easy about anything that will happen. “Whoever they chose, we will accept it,” he said.

They’ve done their best. “We’ve done our best. And, we’ve offered something to them (some new programs for people in Malang), but it’s okay if they don’t want to accept it,” he said. He just hope that there is no cheating in this game.

“If there is something like that, we will take an action,” he said.

The spokesman of ASIK also confirmed about it, but he still optimist about ASIK will win this game. “We still optimist about win on this time. But, let’s leave it to God,” he said.

He did manual count, but it’ll be finish late at night. And, he still waits on the real count of KPU Kota Malang. “Everything is good,” he said.

“Just like what I pray this morning,” Sutiaji said. He was so grateful for this quick count winning. “It’s real. We got 55 of 57 regions on our hands,” he said.

He explained that it’s a winning of Malang, not just for SAE. “We ask them to stand together and build a better Malang. because, we can’t do it all alone,” he said.

Reporter: Fajrus Shiddiq, Gigih Mazda & Imam Nasrodin
Editor: Mahmudan
Copy Editor: Dwi Lindawati
Translator: Lutfiyah Rahma
Photografer: Darmono

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