About Us

Avemedia Research is an educational institution and research which is also engaged in political research and marketing. Founded in 2007, Avemedia Research has been supported by solid and experienced human resources. We have conducted a series of researches in the military, democratic, political and government performance evaluations and market research. By integrating a qualitative approach, we guarantee the accuracy.

Our Vision and Mission


“To become a professional and innovative company in the fields of research, publication media and information technology.”


Become an institution that is able to serve the needs of policy studies / research, socio-politics and economics.

Developing social work publications including journalistic works, media campaigns, information systems and online media.

Developing millennial products and business concepts based on IT and social media.

Our Team

L. Riansyah

Design Research, Grand Design Winning Strategy, Grand Desain Team, Personal Branding.

Nasrun Annahar, M.AP

Big Data Analisys, campaign strategy.

Dwi Purbo

Viki Maulana

Media Management, Socmed Campaign, Socmed Optimation.

Budi Maulana

Team Management, Executive Management.

Miftahul Huda, M.Si.

Campaign Management, Political Communication, Strategic Issues, Vision and Mission.

Saiful Arief, M. Sos.

Personal Branding, Political Marketing,. Socmed Campaign.

Dr M. Muzzaki

Counter of Black Politics, Fund Rising, Grand Design Strategy.

Dr Sutomo

Social Capital, Spiritual Approach, Public Speaking.

Fairouz Huda

Campaign Management, Propaganda Agitation.

Muhammad Assajad

Media Management, Socmed Campaign, Socmed Optimation.


Campaign Management, Propaganda Agitation.

Our Contact

Perum Dwiga Regency Blok 3 No 12 Mojolangu Kota Malang

+62 822 3187 4878