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Quick Count & Software Development

Avemedia Research is an educational institution and research which is also engaged in political research and marketing. Founded in 2007, Avemedia Research has been supported by solid and experienced human resources. We have conducted a series of researches in the military, democratic, political and government performance evaluations and market research. By integrating a qualitative approach, we guarantee the accuracy.

Our Vision and Mission


“To become a professional and innovative company in the fields of research, publication media and information technology.”


Become an institution that is able to serve the needs of policy studies / research, socio-politics and economics.

Developing social work publications including journalistic works, media campaigns, information systems and online media.

Developing millennial products and business concepts based on IT and social media.

Why Choose us

Combination of Qualitative Social Facts and Statistic
Data collection methods are designed with a Mix Method.

Very Detailed Data Presentation
Detailed data presentation based on territorial character.

Experienced in Study, Research and Survey
Founded in 2007 and still exists to carry out various studies and research.

Accuracy Guarantee
The error probability is <3%, able to capture facts and represent the condition of the population as a whole.

Contextual Instrument 
The interview guide is designed based on  the condition of the location preceded by FGD with the client .

Clear and Measurable Work Program
The research program development can be monitored directly based on the agreed schedule.

Professional Team Support
Qualified staff and expert team of S3, S2 and S1 education.

Experienced in Making a Victory Over the Candidates
Avemedia Research has served regional head candidate and legislative candidate as clients.

Comprehensive Study
The questionnaire is designed to exemine the evaluation of public policies, public services, development etc.

Transparent and Accountable
We presented the raw data of the survey results

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Avemedia has done a lot of achievements since 2007, not only in winning the legislative candidates and regional head, but also in training, quick count, and application that has been used by many users.


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